Security Deposit

If Tenant makes any payments hereunder, and then fails to occupy the premises or fails to comply with any other term or
irement of this agreement, Landlord may keep any such payments as partial liquidated damages. Notwithstanding retention of
such payments as liquidated damages
, the Landlord shall have, in addition, any other rights afforded Landlord under this lease against
the Tenant for breach of this lease

In addition, the security and damage deposit are required to be paid at the time of execution of this lease and are not paid at such
time, or if such payments are to be made pursuant to an agreed upon schedule (Addendum A), and such payments are not made at the
time set forth in such schedule, then the Landlord rese
rves the right at any time after such time by which such payments should have
been made
, to give Tenant(s), or any of the Tenant(s), five days written notice, by certified mail, return receipt, that if the deficiencies in
these amounts are not paid in full and received by
the Landlord by the end of such five day notice period, then the Landlord may rent
the demised premises to others and may retain any amounts paid to that date as partial liquidated damages and, in addition, may seek
to enforce any other rights the Landlord may have against the Tenant
, and may, in addition, terminate the lease.


                  The Tenant has agreed to give the Landlord the sum of $                                                                        pursuant to Addendum A - Payment

Schedule, Tenant agrees that the security deposit may not be applied by the tenant as rent, and that the full monthly rent will be aid on or before
the rent due date of every month including the last month of occppancy.

At all times, landlord is entitled to have the full amount of the security deposit stated on this lease.
Return of the security deposit is subject to the following provisions:

1.      Full term of the lease has expired.

2.      No damage to property, appliances, and furnishings beyond reasonable wear and tear.

3.      Entire apartment/house, including range, refrigerator, bathroom, closets and cupboards are clean. All garbage, paper and debris removed.

4.      No stickers, scratches or holes in the walls.

5.      No delinquent rents or added rents or unpaid charges under lease agreement.

6.      All original keys returned.

7.      All furniture returned to the location as at the start of the lease.

8.      Forwarding address left with landlord or his agent.

9.      Apartments rented by room all tenants are responsible for keeping commons areas clean or landlord can have them cleaned and charge all

10.    Price to replace mattress because of stains or damage is $500.00 we strongly suggest you put mattress cover on bed. BEDS ARE TO HAVE

If any of the above conditions are not complied with, the applicable fines or cost ofthe labor and material will be charged to the
tenant(s). The security deposit is returned by check and mailed to the tenants forwarding address. This is done within thirty days after
delivery of possession ofthe leased premises and the keys are returned to the landlord at the end ofthe term ofthe lease. Landlord
agrees that, subject to conditions listed above, the security de osit will be
returned in full.

SURRENDERfTURNOVER COSTS & PRACTICES of this lease document for further elaboration. Tenant specifically agrees not to
apply thi
s deposit to the payment of any rent installment.


The Landlord shall pay any and all property taxes on the premises. The Tenant shall pay for all telephone and television cable
fees on the premises
. The following costs shall be paid by and shall be the responsibility of the party indicated below:



a.) Water & Sewer
.) Heat ::

d.) Electricity

e .) Cooking Gas


village sidewalks only