Rent and Late Fees

701 The Parkway
, NY




Made this           day of,                                 2015 by and between: John O'Connor with offices at 701 The parkway, Ithaca, New York, (607)

257-3578 hereinafter called the "Landlord" and

jointly and severally, hereinafter called the 'Tenant" or "Tenants",

WHEREAS the Landlord desires to rent certain premises to the Tenant, and the Tenant desires to rent certain premises from the
Landlord, and

WHEREAS the Landlord and the Tenant desire to enter into a written agreement of the lease to memorialize their mutual
agreement as to the terms and conditions of such lease

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions, terms and agreements contained herein, the Landlord
and the Tenant agree as follows:



The premises that the Landlord hereby rents to the Tenant is described as follows: room in
Address Ithaca, New York
, 14850.


The premises are rented by the Landlord to the Tenant for a term commencing at noon on

Apartment #



and ending at

unless the term is ended sooner as provided elsewhere in this agreement.


The lease is for 12 months minus 6 days for maintenance, There is no set of monies for the days required for maintenance. If
tenant or tenants don't want the offset time
, than they will take occupancy, as is and requiring no additional cleaning, painting or
maintenance. If no se
t off time is taken, all tenants must sign a release form.

          3. RENT

         The total rent that the Tenants agree to pay to the Landlord for the premises, for the term, is $                                                                                           

This total rent is due upon execution of this lease. However, for the convenience of the Tenants, this rent shall be paid by the Tenants
to the Landlord in installments as outlined in Addendum A - Payment Schedule. Rent is always due by the First of the mon
regardless of lease commencement date. Acceptance of partial payments from some Tenants does not relieve such Tenants from
ir liability for the entire rents or as to shares owned by other joint and several Tenants. On execution of this lease, Tenants agree to
pay to the Landlord the security deposit unless otherwise agreed in writing
; said payment to be considered a reservation fee due on
execution until occupancy.

A late charge of 5 of the overdue rent will be assessed on the second calendar day of the month if any rent installment is not
received by the Landlord on or before the second calendar day of the month. An additional 5 of the outstanding balance will be
assessed if the rent remains unpaid after the seventh calendar day of the month. Said late charges shall become due and payable
immediately upon notice, and if not so paid
, may be deducted by the Landlord from the security deposit as added rent.

A charge of $50.00 will be made b~ the Landlord for each check of the Tenants returned for an reason. If Tenants make payment
of any rent installment in an amount less than that due
, Landlord may accept same, but shall not be bound by any restrictive
endorsement, or any statement, or otherwise to the effect that such payment is made in full satisfaction of the amounts then due.
Notwithstanding such acceptance by the Landlord
, the Landlord may avail himself of any other legal remedies he may have.