Open Flames

expense. Such expense to be calculated at $60.00 per bag or equivalent mass, to include the cost of labor, truck charge, and dump
fees .

Garbage is to be separated into recyclable and non-recyclable containers or as otherwise required by the municipality. Failure to
comply will result in fines as determined by the mun
icipality's law. Any fines and associated work, levied on Landlord due to Tenant
failure to comply will be chargeable to Tenant and shall be payable immediately. Landlord may deduct same from Tenants' security
. Recyclables are to be placed at the street curb according to a schedule or directions set forth by the Landlord. Empty bins are
to be returned to the apartments acco
rding to Landlord's schedule or directions. Tenant is advised that if the municipality institutes
fic fees for garbage and trash pick-up, Tenant will pay such fees. If collection of fees is difficult to portion among individual
Tenants (including
those of other premises) each Tenant agrees to pay a prorata share. Landlord will remove garbage and collect cans
upon Tenant(s) failure to do so and cost of same will be deducted from security deposit
. Tenant(s) shall be liable for the cost of pest or
vermin control caused by Tenant
. Premises must be kept clean and free of vermin.

Garbage collection fees and/or any costs to the Landlord related to solid waste or recycling can be additionally charged to Tenant
as added rent
. Tenant(s) agree to make payment of such garbage/trash fee pursuant to Addendum A - Payment Schedule or upon
receipt of invoice.

e.) Grease, oils, coffee grounds, Condoms, fibrous materials, sanitary products, refuse and rubbish of any kind, and caustic
substances (Orano, Liquid Plumber
, etc), must not be flushed down toilets or drains. Tenant(s) agrees to be liable for damage to
drains, pipes or sewer lines caused by his invitees or licensees
. Tenant is responsible for plunging his own toilet if it becomes clogged
and for not
ifying Landlord if plunging does not correct the problem.

f.) No radio or television wires cable dishes or aerials shall be installed on the roof or exterior walls of the building.

g.) The Tenant shall make no changes or alterations, decorations, structural changes, or additions to or in said premises, and shall
not make any attachments to the walls, windows, ceilings, or facilities by any means other than thin nails, push pins, or thumb tacks.
Use of adhesives is prohibited.

h.) No refuse, furnishings, personal effects, or unsightly or hazardous items of any kind shall be placed on the exterior of the
premises or on the windows
, porches, balconies, or other exterior structure pertaining to the premises. The Tenant shall neither place
nor permit any object or person
, animal, or other thing on the fire escapes. Fire escapes, if any, shall be used only for egress in the
case of emergency

i.) The Tenant shall keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition, and shall return the premises at the end of the lease term
in a clean and sanitary cond
ition. Tenants or tenant shall not obstruct or litter the halls, stairs, porches, walks or yards. Tenants will not
go on any roof or place furniture on any roof or a fine of $300
.00 will be imposed.

j.) Cars and other vehicles shall not be parked on the lawn or any other place not specifically designated for parking. Mechanical
work on motor vehicles and washing of same is prohib

k.) At properties where parking is provided, parking is neither guaranteed in front of one's unit, nor elsewhere. Parking is allowed
only in designated areas and a vehicle
found in any other area is subject to towing at owner's expense, without notice.

The leased premises (choose one of the following) is/is not serviced by a maintained and operative
er system that was last maintained on _/_/_ and was last inspected on _/_1_0

There must be fire fighting equipment access to the buildings at all times.

I.) The Tenant(s) shall notify the Fire Department at 911 immediately if a fire is detected. Also notify the Landlord at 257-3578 as
soon as is prac

m.) The Tenant(s) will test all smoke detectors on a monthly basis. It is Tenant responsibility to report all non-working smoke
detectors to the Landlord.

n.) Tenant(s) will notify Landlord of conditions requiring repairs. Tenant(s) will be liable for cost of repairs as necessitated by
damage caused by failure to report
these needed repairs to the Landlord.

0.) No smoking or candles permitted in the apartment, in the apartment building. or on the apartment
grounds. Fines wit! be given to violators.