Lock Outs

the Tenant, his invitees, licensees, or visitors. Tenant shall also pay for all repairs required as a result of any burglary that is not
reported to the police within 24 hours of the time
that the Tenant gains knowledge that a burglary has occurred.

The Tenant agrees that the fair and reasonable cost of such repair or replacement shall be determined by statements rendered by
the Landlord to the Tenant for sums actually expended by the Landlord plus a 10 handling fee
, or, in the alternative, a statement
rendered by the Landlord for the estimated or anticipated cost o
f such repair, plus 10 handling fee, if the damage is ascertained by
the Landlord before the end of the lease term
. The sum so determined shall be paid by the Tenant to the Landlord upon demand
therefore. The Landlord shall pay for all other repairs to the p


Tenant shall not change locks or lock cylinders on doors, nor shall Tenant install new or additional locks on the premises. Tenants
ill receive all original keys from the Landlord and will not make additional duplicate keys. The Tenant will be charged $25, non-
, for each original or replacement or additional key which is not returned to the Landlord at the end of the lease term. If a
key or keys are not returned at the end of the lease term
, Landlord has the additional right to change the lock or locks on the premises,
and make new keys at the Tenant(s) expense, plus 10 administrative charge.

Tenant must give the Landlord as least four days' notice of Tenants' intention to pick up keys at the commencement of the lease
. All contractual financial obligations must have been met by all Tenants on the lease before any keys will be distributed.

Merely leaving keys with the Landlord at the end of the term does not, by itself, constitute surrender and vacating of the premises.

If staff is available. they may unlock your apartment if you are a Tenant named on the Lease and have ID available. However, lost
feys and lock outs are not an emergency, and if you cannot reach the Rental Office you may contact
~ocksmith at your own expense. Precision Lock 1-818-335-9618  You must have

I roof of residence if you call a locksmith.


The Tenant for himself and for other persons in the demised premises with his consent, agrees to comply fully with the following
rules and regulations:

a.) The Tenant shall not make nor permit any disturbing noises in or about the premises by himself or others, nor do or permit
anything by such pe
rsons that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or others, nor do or permit anything by such persons that will
interfere with the rights
, comforts, or convenience of neighbors. The Tenant shall not operate any mechanical device including, but not
limited to
, radios, televisions, stereo systems, etc. at any time at a volume which is disturbing or annoying to others. No pianos, drums,
or other musical instruments shall be played
in the premises, except as specifically approved by the Landlord.

b.) No animals, birds, or pets of any kind shall be taken in or kept in or about the premises. If this clause is breached the Landlord
may insist on permanent removal of the animal(s) and charge the Tenant for any extermination services, carpet or furniture cleaning or
replacement, andlor any and all costs related to the ex
istence of such animal(s). In addition, the Landlord may pursue all legal options
available to him.
The decision of the necessity for such actions and resultant costs are in the sole discretion of the Landlord.

c.) The Tenant shall not tamper with, or attempt to disconnect or override, heat or smoke detection, or any other life-safety devices
, on, or about the premises. The Tenant\shall not make any changes in, or connection to, the plumbing, heating, electrical, telephone,
or television cable system. The Tenant sh
\all not use electrical extension cords to expand electrical outlets or sockets. Surge protectors
are allowed.

d.) Where a dumpster is provide a feF of $250.00 per student for the year is payable at commencement of the lease.

Garbage is to be wrapped and placed in covered garbage cans in compliance with all municipal requirements. Tenant(s) must remove
all garbage and refuse and p
lace in refuse\cans in specified areas. Tenant(s) will provide plastic containers in each kitchen of rental
unit; garbage in paper bags will ~ot be left on floors. During vacation or intercession or any other period when garbage and trash has
been allowed to accumu
late andi has not been disposed of, Landlord may inspect premises and remove garbage or refuse at Tenant(s)