Joint and Several Liabilities

f.) Garbage Fee dumpster

Where a dumpster is provide a fee of $250.00 per tenant for the year is payable at commencement of the lease.

In houses or apartments in which Tenant pays utilities directly, the Tenant(s) in whose name the utility meter(s) is listed, will
provide the Landlord with a signed Customer Request for Service Form which will be filed with the utility company. It is Tenant(s)
responsibility to maintain gas and electric utilities, in thei
r name, for the full term of the lease. NYSE&G 1-800-572-1111

Where it is the Tenants' responsibility Tenant agrees to maintain a minimum temperature of at least 62degrees Fahrenheit, in all
areas of the residence, at all times (including long break periods
) to prevent damage to the building and its systems. Failure to maintain
such temperature will result in the Tenants' liability for any and all result
ing damage. There will be a fine of 500.00 for any thermostat
that is tampered with locked or otherwise.

Where it is the Tenants' responsibility for snow and ice removal, all fines and/or costs to Landlord for non-removal will be passed
through to Tenant(s) by direct invoice or subtracted from the lease security deposit
. In such cases in which it is the Landlord's
ibility to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks and/or driveways, During the heating season all windows are to be closed and
locked. All air conditions a
re to be removed from windows. A charge of 50.00 dollars a week for every window with an air conditioner in
it after September 30 and before May 1


All notices and payments to be made to the Landlord shall be made at the address set forth hereinabove; all notices to be made by
the Land
lord to the Tenant shall be made to the Tenant at the address of the premises rented by this agreement. Where there is more
than one joint and severa
l Tenant, notice to anyone such Tenant shall be deemed and accepted as notice to all such joint and several


If there is more than one Tenant hereunder, each of the tenants jointly and severally agrees to pay the rent and any other charges
under this agreement and to fully perform all the obligations of the Tenant hereunder.
That is, each individual Tenant is responsible to
pay and agrees to pay the full amount of the rent and any other charges and to perform all of the obligations of the Tenant unde
r this
, even if the other Tenants or some of them fail to make such payments or fail to perform such obligations. Landlord need
not notify all Tenants of the default by anyone Tenant as a precedent to taking any action permitted upon Tenant
's breach or default.


The Tenant shall use and occupy the premises only as a residential dwelling for the named Tenant(s) only. No other persons shall
be permitted to live in the premises on a permanent or
temporary basis, except pursuant to an assignment of lease or sublet as set
forth in paragraph 9
. Visits by guests are only permitted as long as such visitors' presence does not interfere with any other
roommates' or Tenants' comfort and enjoyment of the premises and complies with all laws, rules, and regulations of any and all
governmental agencies
, departments, and bodies. Notwithstanding such provisions, the Landlord reserves the unqualified right in his
sole discretion to
limit or prohibit extended visits. Smoking is not permitted.

A charge will be assessed for extra refrigerators brought in by the tenant, air conditioners, space heaters. The charge will be $75.00 per
appliance per month.


The Tenant may not transfer any of its rights under this lease to any other person or entity without the prior written approval and
permission of the Landlo
rd. Said approval and permission of the Landlord shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of the Landlord.
Said approval and permission will not be unreasonably withheld. Tenant(s) agrees to provide Landlord with SUBLET INFORMATION
, such document to be approved by, and filed with, the Landlord. All deposits made by the original Tenant(s)
will remain on deposit with
the Landlord until the end of the lease term. The rent is to be paid to landlord by tenant not sub tenant.