Welcome to O'Connor Apartments. We are a small family-run business started in the 1950's. Proudly run by John and Kevin O'Connor. We pride ourselves in providing student housing. We offer well maintained, clean buildings in prime locations throughout collegetown. Please email us at info@oconnorapartments.com Our phone number is
607-257-3578. Please call between the hours of 9am and 8pm. We give our tenants 24 hours notice before showing. Please keep this in mind when calling to set up an appointment.

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103 Dryden Rd.
Available 19-20 school year
Four Bedrooms the apartment is the entire second floor.

105 Dryden Rd.
Available 19-20 School Year
Three Bedrooms front and back porch Hardwood floors. Available 19-20 school year

107 Dryden Rd.
Available 18-19 school year
2 bedroom apartment close to Cornell

108 College Ave
Available 19-20 school year

110 College Ave
Available 19-20 school year

220 Eddy St.

Available19-20 school year

222 Eddy St.
Available 18-19 school year studio and 1 bedroom laundry and off street parking

224 Eddy St.
Available 19-20
7 bedrooms 2 full baths
Laundry and off street parking Available19-20 school year

226 Eddy St.
Available 19-20 school year

308 Eddy St
Available 19-20 school year
14 bedrooms 5 baths
Available19-20 school year

311 Dryden rd
4 bedroom Available 18-19 school year includes utilities not internet
Parking Available

315 Thurston Ave.
Available 19-20 school year 8 Bedroom
2 Bedroom available 19-20 school year
English Tutor just 2 blocks to campus. Huge bedrooms some are suites. Off street parking and laundry.

321 Dryden Rd
Available 19-20 school year

405 Dryden Rd.
Available19-20 school year
10 Bedrooms 4 full baths

409 Dryden Rd
Available19-20 school year school year
13 Bedrooms 4 baths Laundry and off street parking

502 Dryden Rd.
One Bedroom available now
Available 19-20 school year
10 Bedrooms 4 full baths off street parking and laundry